About us

The idea, the project, the realization

who we areThe passion for watches. The desire to admire them, to possess, use, to enjoy the little miracle of mechanical life that comes alive in symbiosis with the heartbeat.

How many of those who are reading these few lines of presentation you are recognizing in them?
I believe many, 'cause I also, just as you proudly call myself a fan. And as an engineer, animated by his passion for structures, has the dream of leaving to posterity a 'eternal work or as a painter, in search of his final masterpiece, as to be remembered in the history of art, I also do a nice day I felt the need, in my small way, to speak my mind, and to launch a project to share with many a passion for timepieces.

Vertigo Watches comes with the presumption of producing watches from 'high technical and aesthetical appeal indisputable, they can adapt to the changes of a sub or blazer for a business man and, above all, are not the preserve of a few, but available for all, 'cause we believe in democracy beauty.
E 'with this hope that I have given life to this wonderful idea, sure to find the consent and encouragement of other fans like me!

Vertigo Diver One